A path to destiny

I am so excited that you have visited my website. Let me tell you a little about myself. I am on the most amazing journey I could have ever dreamed up. I turned 50 years young in 2020.

I retired from the corporate world of nursing in 2019 after 22 years of an amazing career. Why did I retired at age 49? Well, to be honest with you, I received an invitation from the Holy Spirit. He asked me three times over a 12 month timespan to come on a journey with Him. I accepted on the third try.

So, in April 2019, I walked away from my position as an Optimization Specialist at Adventist Healthcare System and went home and said, "Well, what's next?"

I started to hear the talk to me clearly and frequent. Holy Spirit asked me to visit my Aunt in Alaska. I gave all my things away to my children and packed up my Buick lacrosse with only the essential items and started my journey.

I drove solo from Florida to Washington State. Upon arriving to the port in Bellingham, Washington, I put my car on the Columbia. The Columbia is a local ferry that takes cargo, passengers and their vehicles from Washington to Alaska. I sailed the inward passage into Canada and onto Alaska. It was breathtaking.

I was living in Alaska only 9 days when I received a phone call from a unknown number. The young lady on the other end of the call asked me was I still interested in attending Charis Bible College in Woodland Park Colorado. I had never heard of Charis. I was taken back and I almost hung up the phone, but I heard that sweet still voice of the Holy Spring say "This is Me". I decided at that second that I would attend this bible college in Colorado. I am in awe that God has graced me to experience these opportunities.

Let me give a little back story on how I came to this point in my journey. I have found so much joy and peace on this leg of my life journey. Very few of my friends or family know that as a little girl I have always wanted to be a missionary. I have always wanted to work for Jesus. However, I went another path. I was so full of dreams as a young girl, but I was dealt a bad hand of cards. Childhood rape, abject poverty, homeless, kidnapped, domestic violence, addictions, etc... 3 failed marriages and 5 children later I finally met my knight in shinning armor, my 4th husband who truly loved me and my children. We loved Jesus together, but tragedy came knocking again. My husband's heart stopped while riding his Harley motorcycle. He died instantly at age 49 years young. He had just retired from the Sheriff's office after 25 years of honored service. When my husband went to be with the Lord I really felt like my life plans were over. But God...

I will share more in detail in my upcoming book "Come Sea"

I have created this website to encourage you, to explain the person of Jesus, to share stories about the Holy Spirit and to introduce some and announce to others The Father's Love.

DL Colston

I drove solo from Florida To Alaska in the early summer of 2019. Click to view the photos and videos of my journey!