I heard God spell this word to me!


One word from our Father can direct our whole life!

Let me tell you about an amazing encounter I

had with Jesus in May 2019. I had just retired

from 22 years of nursing by the direction of our Lord.

I was at home with no set

daily schedule. I spent time with Holy Spirit

every day. It was divine. I was waiting for my next

assignment in life. Where am I going next?

One morning I was awakened with

an strong audible voice that spelled a word to me.

C. R. E. A. T. I. A. It felt like the voice wrote the

letters in my soul.

The voice sounded like many waters rushing but also very intelible.

I immediately wrote the word

down in my journal and began to google the

word. My search came up with nothing in English.

I could not find what the word means. I searched

and searched but nothing. I

kept the word in my heart knowing that God

has written this word on my heart.

Fast forward to February 2021. I was at Charis

Bible College and my classmate Alfred said to

me you must meet my wife Viorica. I said yes, I

would love to.

On April 1, 2021, I met Viorica in the lobby of Charis Bible

College in Colorado. We sat down on

the couches in the beautiful view of Pikes Peak

Mountain. She was beautiful, electric, and full

of the Holy Spirit.

As she began to talk to me, I

immediately heard Holy Spirit say, “ask her

what CREATIA means”. I felt major goose

bumps all over my body and I knew this was a

profound moment in my life. I said, Viorica God

spelled a word to me two years ago, can you tell

me what this word means? She says to me in

her Romanian accent.

How do you know dis word!

Then she says Oh Creatia, Oh Creatia, Oh You


I was about to burst with excitement. Please tell

me. I exclaimed! She says its means Creation.

It is a Romanian word that means the creative power

of God. I knew at that moment that I had an

assignment for Romania, and I had an angel

with me with orders for Romania.

Great creative miracles will happen in Romania.

Fast forward to August 2021. I met a woman named Sharon on

the UK REBOOT TOUR. She is a Charis Bible

College graduate, and she lives in England. She

is a beautiful Jamaican woman. We became friends instantly.

She invited me to stay at her home when I passed

through her area. I accepted her invitation and went to visit

her. I was staying at her home, and she began

to share with me the pictures of her mission trip to

Romania. My heart began to pound.

You went to Romania? She said Yes, our whole

Charis team went to Romania.

She showed me the pictures and my “baby”

jumped inside me. My spiritual vision was growing clearer.

I knew I would go to that

village and meet those people.

One morning I reached out to Pastor Florin in

Romania. I wrote him a very small message.

Hello Pastor Florin. I received your name from

friends at Charis Walsall. I am a graduate of

Charis in Colorado. I am coming to Romania and

was wondering if you need any help?

Pastor and his wife testified that the Holy Spirit

immediately told them YES, YES, YES, let her

come. Pastor Florin replied to my request in less

than two hours and said this.

Hi, you are welcome to join us in Romania in the


I feel like I am living in the book of the Acts of

the Apostles. The Lord has opened the door to

Romania. Praise our God.

The following Sunday, Pastor Florin shared my

testimony about CREATIA to the church members

and the congregation rejoiced with great joy.

They shouted, God has not forgotten us!

Here is my exaltation.

Do not forget the prophetic words, dreams, visions,

sign and wonders that you have seen, heard or experienced.

The Lord is a faithful Shepard.

He knows the how, what, why and when concerning you.

The Lord is not trying to keep information from you,

He is doing everything possible to communicate to you

the good plans He has for you.

Get quiet, Turn off every other voice and Listen.

God is always talking.

This Romanian congregation has purchased 200

hectares of land and they are building a

church by hand! I am so excited to help them

complete this project in a very short period. I

arrived on November 11, 2021!

Lets help them. visit

and give a donation to finish this build

before Christmas!